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Manufacturing technology of glued timber for wooden houses

Quality and maintaining technology - the best guarantee of our success  


The technology of production of laminated glued timber allows you to give to the wood such properties, that make wood probably the best material for the construction of private houses.

Technology provides gluing a few special selected and previously processed wooden planks with clearly defined conditions.

At first, technology eliminates the shortcomings of wood which are usually characteristic to wood as a natural material. Namely tendency to deform with time and the appearance of cracks due to the actions of external conditions such as temperature and humidity. Therefore glulam practically does not change its original shape and retains its aesthetic appearance.

Secondly, due to the stability of its form and the absence of deformations, during glued timber profiling it is possible to make perfectly correct forms or those which correspond exactly to the customer's wishes. This allows you to design complex architectural design and implement them with confidence in the minimum deviation. Therefore, the interior and exterior of glued timber may be made in any style, from minimalism and high-tech to classic architectural forms.

In third place, this technology allows you to save all the typical advantages of wood as a natural material. In the wooden boards continuously takes place breathing process wood fiber, which is an example of the natural air conditioning inside the building. Besides, as known, wood has high insulating properties. This allows to maintain the room temperature with minimum energy consumption for heating or cooling the building, saving up to 50%.

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